Our professional offering is focused in the following three core areas:

We Can Help You With:


We strive to exploit the modern development technologies to architect and develop flexible and resilient systems. We advise on the best practices of application architecture, application design, application deployment and systems operations. We put high emphasis on how to integrate with existing enterprise systems in architecting and designing applications.

We also help you maximize the value of your investment through system training and optimization.

Mentoring and Training

We assess skill level and needs of the clients team, recommend options of knowledge development and skill transfer such as classroom training and on-the-job coaching. In addition to delivery of product training offered by the vendor, we also develop and deliver customized workshop in certain target technology areas.


We enable client enterprises on business collaboration via intra-process integration and inter-organization interface. We help enterprises transform their internets and mobile app using portal server to form a more effective collaboration channel with customers, business partners and employees.

We help automate the process and decisions with machine intelligence.